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information that i found everywhere, about everything

matter is only 4-7% in the universe

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PURE GENIUS AND WISDOM How about a solar-powered floating greenhouse? Want one? I do. Dubbed the Jellyfish Barge. It’s a 750sqft octagonal shaped barge which floats atop recycled plastic barrels. … Continue reading

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Rupert Sheldrake

..maybe telepathy?

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just serious science and stuff…

ABOUT: Tibet, geometry, black hole, bible, plasma, fusion, healing field, serious science, implosion, frequency, fountain of youth, the falme in the mind, dna, lucid dreaming,

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Paul Myburgh

“if you cant see it doesn’t mean that is not true” …..eyes and ears opening

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really EU?

behind EU

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the Garbage Enzyme

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Time Bank

instead using money, the time is used. an individual need and give a service.” you need from him, he need from her, her need from you”. and wala! the community … Continue reading

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Mike Ruppert Speech

The ‘tracker of truth’ Mike Ruppert powerful, selfless message. Michael C. Ruppert (February 3, 1951 – April 13, 2014) was an American author, a former Los Angeles Police Department officer, investigative journalist, political … Continue reading

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just kids…?

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The Tesla Turbine

What do you think? it works? Do you tried it?

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knowing what science can do…why I have this filling that this is not right…

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Inventor Jailed . . . . ?

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Jesse Ventura and CIA

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what do you think…it will collapse?

it is said that in 2016 America will collapse..

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fossil fuel is Abiotic . . . . . . ?

L. Fletcher Prouty explains his theory… intro: whole video:

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what would you choose

choosing to be poor or rich… strangely enough, or real sience , or just simple logic. the poorest are the kindest and the greediest are the richest … ? in … Continue reading

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